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paul and the faithfulness of god review


Thus, sound exegesis and logic prefers that we let the writer of Hebrews speak on his own terms. These debates—which are urgent and showing no signs of resolution—focus on Paul for obvious reasons: he is our earliest witness to the Jesus movement, he was himself a devout Jew, and within a decade of the death of Jesus he articulated and disseminated widely what he called the gospel, or good news, of Jesus Christ while penning letters that are our earliest reflections on the meaning of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. 2. – Part 2, podcast 305 – Two Readings of Mark – popular or esoteric? That is the context in which both of those things were said of Jesus Christ. Paul and the Faithfulness of God, by N. T. Wright. Wright subtly and masterfully shows through exegesis that Paul believes in one triune God. I for one do not think that Paul articulated the Jesus-God relationship in a way that would best please trinitarians, not even close. Again, the one who became a “life-giving spirit” was the same Second Adam who walked the roads of Galilee. In his current resurrected glory, the same divine glory was retrospectively seen in the historical Jesus. The apostles understood that Jesus did not have the authority to give holy spirit (or eternal life) to anyone until he was exalted and glorified (Acts 2:33; John 7:39). "Only once in every other generation or so does a project approaching the size, scope, and significance of Paul and the Faithfulness of God appear.