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I feel like I have to crawl out of a hole when I lie in it. That's why I went looking for the best possible mattress which fit my budget--under $1000. WARRANTY IS THROUGH OTHER MANUFACTURER. Smells like I'm sleeping in an open can of paint. The Serta "Perfect Sleeper' was delivered on August 17, 2019 (last month). These reviews will help people like myself searching for a reputable company who stands behind their products with integrity to ver towards another brand. So then you have the manufacturer warranty which requires you to measure an inch and a half of sag to warrant a replacement. I have to conclude, just from my experience alone, that these 'brand name' manufacturers will dump on their internet sales; odd, rejected, seconds, substandard products that their bottom line can withstand without being held accountable for such misleading statements about their products. Wish I would of known that back then. Directions say it takes a full 72 hrs for it to fully function. Poor customer service. It's made by Sleep Innovation for Serta.Even with this U shape, mattress is very comfortable. Our sheets fit well even though it is slightly thicker than our old mattress.My husband sleeps very well and complains less about his back hurting. My issues are the same. If the firm feels right, this will suit your needs. Wound up going with the Structures by Malouf HIGHRISE Folding Metal Bed Frame 14" High Bi-Fold Platform Bed Base, KING and didn't even need plywood or anything. I decided then and there that it would be his Christmas present this year. Of course cost wise it is a big difference. My body aches every morning. It started to pop springs within two days of purchase. The first one had a huge lump in middle and we returned it and it was replaced. We value your privacy. We also don't spend more than the 7 to 8 hrs in bed. My wife has also said that I do not snore as much.I could not give the bed a 5 for one reason. The pros: High end hybrid mattress with layers of foam for comfort. The next night I went back to sleeping in my bed. This mattress is wonderful. It is THAT bad.It is 2:24am, and I have to be at work in six hours yet I am actually somewhat afraid to go to bed. The edges are even and firm. Long story short, we are being told there is nothing they can do because the mattress is in great shape and that's the way it is. It arrives in a box, contorted and airtight sealed. No problems at all with this. BS warranty. It has taken a few nights to love this mattress, It took a few nights to get used to the deep pillow top, my previous mattress was a bed in a box type and didn't have the pillow top. Got the King size with a Serta label on it and It was great the first few months, after that I started having back pain which I have suffered through for 4+ years. The gel also helps to keep it nice and cool during the summer months.Also, there was no noticible smell when I opened it. It's not too noticeable and the bed is still super comfortable! If you already love the mid-century modern Serta Sierra Sofa, then you'll have to take a look at the amazingly affordable matching Sierra Arm Chair. Perhaps I just needed to give the bed more than the usual 30 days to get used to it. I would LOVE to WIN a new mattress for Me and My Partner. It will invariably compress untill it reaches the density of concrete. Other than that I really like the mattress and will definitely be buying more serta mattresses in the future. Believe it. It doesn't provide any support..you sink into it and cant move, it wakes you completely up when you just try to move positions, which you have to do because your back starts to hurt. This will add another $200 - $400 for the total cost of the bed. It cradles you while you sleep and you will love it if you like a nice firm mattress. When you first open the mattress and flatten it out, it will be hard as a rock. This mattress doesn't seem as soft as the one in the store. Now in the past year there is a depression where i sleep on the bed ( I am 5'9" 175 lbs). Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. We will see how the warranty comes into play and if they make good on a replacement or refund. They first introduced their Perfect Sleeper mattress in 1931 and now offer a long list of mattresses and mattress accessories. We received this mattress packed in its box and we took it to the bed and unboxed it accordingly to the instructions. Here is a short video of the process. Serta also offers white-glove delivery for $150, which includes installation and old mattress removal. There is a smell when you open the mattress but it was completely gone in a day or two. I love my Serta Perfect Sleeper Pillow Top Mattress and if this one ever wears out I'd definitely get another Serta brand mattress. The first bed came and after opening it, it did not "recover" its shape as it was supposed to. You feel every movement and was hoping this wasn't the case. The replacement mattress has no support where we sleep. Award Winning . Subjectively, it's maybe twice as powerful, but it doesn't seem to be a different smell. The Serta iComfort is its premier line and highest priced. I loved this item when it first arrived, but I have had it for about 1.5 years and it is now sinking on my side and my spouses. You have to let this bed have a break in period. I have had terrible soreness in the morning for many years because of poor quality mattresses. There is always some heat generated when your body is in contact with a surface for an extend period of time. They fulfill excellently and are the perfect company for me! I have never continuously 1. woke through the night hurting, 2. legs going to sleep, and 3. woken up with a sore back every morning except on this mattress...it's my 2nd foam mattress (had my first one for 10 years). I would not recommend this mattress or this warranty/manufacturer. I needed a new mattress and box springs about eight years ago. I would sink in too much and wake up throughout the night just to turn over. Started having sags or dents in the mattress after just a couple years. Over all I would never recommend this mattress nor would I by it if I knew what I know about it now. Not too mention that when I got on the mattress, I didn't just sink into the mattress like I did my old one! The only positive is the actually mattress is comfortable, but how hot it makes you is NOT worth the purchase! You will not find a better price and I have never slept better in my life!Update (December 2012): We still love our mattress. It is quite surface to sleep on... thats for sure.Odor: There is none to speak of after the first day. and I am having back pain when I wake up that I never had before.I am 5'5, 120 lbs., sleep hot, prefer a very firm seep surface and share the bed with my boyfriend. I just couldn't wait any longer to try it out! I am going to try to buy a mattress topper if I can find one that is less than 50 or 60 dollars. Serta Carmina Contemporary Upholstered 75" Living Room Sofa, Modern Couch for Two or Three, High Plush Seat Cushions and Back Pillows, Easy Assembly, Rhine Gray 3.3 out of 5 stars 35 $322.79 $ 322 . The cons: High price point for the materials used -- some still report lesser durability than other hybrids. What I enjoy about it is the fact that it is a pillow top double sided so I have the ability to flip it and rotate it. Although I have now gotten used to the mattress slightly, I notice any time I sleep on my side, my ribs and sternum hurt (probably from sleeping on a rock with no give).The only thing that made this bed semi enjoyable is the 3" mattress pad that I got which emulates a pillow top and keeps me 3" away from the awful "foam. We purchased a bed topper a year ago to try to extend the life of bed, but after a year we are having to purchase another bed due to back pain and knee pain from the indentations. Be careful opening the deceptively small box. I have slept on traditional spring mattreses and the "plushy" memory foam after having my own, and I prefer the feel of this bed over the "softer" ones.I live in northern middle TN and did not notice much of a change due to the weather as others have stated.I would recommend this bed to someone looking for a supportive yet affordable memory foam mattress :). Now that it's cooler, I'm guessing that has an impact on how the material responds to my weight and comfort. Will always buy Memory foam bed for now on:-)12 inch foam is just right. Amazon is usually good with things like this but per there request that i wait i loose out??? The mattress features Hyper touch comfort, pillowtop foam, 825 custom support coil system and cool twist foam all in this fantastic mattress. We went to a department store to try out memory foam mattresses and got sticker shoch at the prices. this don't make me happy... so it looks like I have to spend more money and get a new one...i just spoke with a Amazon rep. and he told me that the return window was only a few weeks from purchase... so i waited as asked and now i can't return this item...I to me seems like i was told to wait so that they didn't have to return this item!!!!! We did add a topper to it to make it more comfortable. We talked to support about it when all the docs showed up in a Serta envelope but were labeled as Sleep Innovations and they seemed confused about it as well. If you buy this, don't plan on staying out of it for long. I do understand wanting that plush feeling most of us are so used to though, because this is far from plush. They told me there was nothing they could do. Not too firm or soft. Hot summer nights are probably 6 months or more away in SoCal so I will definitely update this review accordingly. Have read the reviews. I slept soundly all night and woke up without my usual back ache. I no longer toss and turn at night. This product seemed to match my preferences, and so I purchased it and have been using it for a few weeks now. The size and model of the mattress influence the cost. I no longer have that mattress (too long and personal to get into). SINCE THERE WAS SOME DISCUSSION ABOUT SMELL, (AND A SERTA PILLOW I PURCHASED DID HAVE A STRONG ODOR FOR A FEW DAYS) I CHOSE TO OPEN THE MATTRESS IN ANOTHER ROOM. We have been sleeping on foam mattresses for a long time and will never go back to springs. Neithe the model number nor the UPC code nor any other information on the federally-madated consuner tags matches anything they've ever manufactured... they suggest it's a counterfeit.I'm stuck with a defective/totally failed product that I purchased from Amazon.com and I seem to be at the end of the line when it somes to getting any customer service.And understand, that I used the best possible foundation and mattress topper. The 4 inch portion of gel memory foam has a weird feature because it mainly reacts to temperature like melting away when it gets warmer causing sink wholes in the warm portion of the bed....When the mattress becomes cooler, the mattress gets firmer only in the cooled portions of the mattress. My only problem with this bed is that it is "wrinkling up". It's a surprising process that works. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Most find these mattresses initially comfortable, but there are some complaints about sagging in some models. I love the fact that when either of us moves or gets out of bed the other person is not disturbed at all. Once in the bed room, we unpacked it and let it return to its original shape. Additionally, many hotels add specialty pillow toppers to their mattresses for an additional pillowy feel. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. My boyfriend also no longer complains about the mattress and sleeps very soundly now.6/15/15 Original Review (1 star): I have owned this mattress for 10 weeks. We have to deal with them and not Serta. You can tell a noticeable difference in your body temperature when going to sleep which is awesome living in Florida during the summer. The last benefit worth discussing is the fact that Serta is an award-winning brand. It now feels like there is a mountain between us. And that makes it feel a little "rock like" to some. It is firm, yet neither too firm nor too soft and extremely comfortable altho it did take me 3-4 nights to get used to it having been sleeping on a pillow top, and I did find I had to adjust my mediflow pillow somewhat so it was flatter and lower...........the only down side I can see, is that both myself and my husband have been lingering in bed much later than normal, I used to be up at the crack of dawn since my back would be complaining and I needed to get up, but its oh so comfortable, and I'm loathe to get up when its so very snuggly and cosy....I'm sleeping much better with less tossing and turning due to pressure points.... if you're considering one, I'd say go for it, we both love it and were not dissapointed in any way! I was shocked and dismayed at how expensive the gelfoam (i-comfort, etc) beds were and being retired and on a fixed income there was no way I could afford a $2000 + bed. I waited to write a review ... and then I forgot about it. I slept on it the night I received it and every night since with no ill effects.A common complaint I have read is memory foam traps heat, which is why I spent the extra $ on this Serta with the gel layer instead of the base Sleep Innovations (who really makes this mattress). A great mattress for people with lower back pain, the Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress offers great pressure relief and many firm options. If I did, I'm sure I would make the trip to buy another waterbed and have it delivered and set up at my home. SINCE I AM MENOPAUSAL, HEAT WAVES -NOT FLASHES- KEPT ME FROM TRYING THE ORIGINAL TEMPERPEDIC TYPE MATTRESSES, BUT THIS SERTA GEL FOAM MATTRESS DOES NOT TRAP THE HEAT, JUST LIKE THEY SAID. It neutralizes the pressure points on your body, which reduces the urge to toss and turn. Very very disappointing purchase! According to Consumer Reports, this is definitely not the case. In other reviews I read where people say the mattress goes thru an (out gassing) or a gas odor release from the foam material. I didn't finance it. No integrity, no loyalty to the customer. It would of course be impossible to repack this without heavy industrial vacuum machines. The gel top helps disperse heat so you do not get the feeling you are laying in a fireplace. I'm sleeping much better through the night and wake with less back/hip pain. We are very happy with purchase of this mattress. Did not achieve proper shape even after two days! This has to do with the density of the foam. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our I have a firm couch, which I have been finding myself sleeping on most nights when I wake up with back pain in the middle of the night (when I am actually lucky enough to fall asleep on the mattress). Remember this mattress is foam and it'll absorb moisture so you'll need a waterproof cover (the body produces up to one liter of fluid while sleeping with sweat and drool, more for some people who may have an occasional accident).This mattress will feel firm when you first lie down on it but after a few seconds it feels like butter melting from under you and molds to your body and even though it's activated by body heat it's not hot at all, at least I feel the same temperature as my old spring mattress. The mattress is plush and supportive on the back. Unpacking it and watching it unfold itself was a very interesting experience. It still provides great support throughout the night. I had a mattress that was warrantied through Art Van that was unusable after a few years, and the replacement had the same issues after two years. The iSeries® brand is available exclusively in retailers across the country. I've only spent two nights on it as I'm not moved in yet, but it made for a comfortable sleep. Serta offers several mattress types, including memory foam, innerspring and hybrid, and sizes from twin to California king. It is definitely on the firm side, which I like. Update, dec 2013. The full size mattress is really comfortable. I also feel well rested in the morning! When I told her about this purchase she came to check it out and decided to order the same one as well! Athena Your Price: From: $ 12,888 $ 8,399. THAT is what your body weight will do to it. No achy back from this mattress! Here is a real short version of a very long story. Each of the salespersons, at each of the locations assured me that this is because these beds need sleep time to adjust and -as they work on body temperature as well- thier showrooms were (coincidently) all too cold for the bed to really impress me. I am rolling my eyes here. Thank you! I have spinal issues and I find myself not falling asleep for several hours. This mattress is not that firm but not real soft either. When you buy a Serta at Home Executive Chair online from Wayfair.ca, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. This mattress not only held my weight stiffly but it is super comfortable and probably the best mattress I have ever used. We had an extremely busy season and by the time we had realized that this mattress was not going to work for us it was too late to replace through the store. It took this old lady a few months to get used to it, but I have had absolutely no issues since then. "When you get this bed home and find that it actually sucks, you can simply pay us $225 to return it. Plus, a free Visa Gift Card worth up to $300 with purchase. The 12-inch mattress is more than enough to be effective at this price point. ThanksIntelwalk. Absolutely worth. The closest city that carried them now was over 3 hrs one way so I decided I would try one of the new gelfoam beds (I sleep hot). It was and we were very excited. I wake up every night raging hot, where I have to take all of the sheets and blankets off of me. Bought one for our Semi truck love it in there as well. Most of these mattresses are traditional innerspring models with pillow tops or foam additions. NOW I CAN SLEEP IN BED AND MY HIP DOES NOT HURT. Good quality. We are both sleeping better. Came in a fairly large box as mentioned by other reviewers and weighed 90lbs. This box however was considerably heavier, I used a dolly to bring it's 115+ pounds into my house and up the stairs. Nonsense. It does not give much support. I am very pleased with this purchase! However, I changed my mind after using if for about a month. This company is not yet accredited. Shop Serta Copenhagen Accent Chair online at Macys.com. The quality of this mattress is absolutely amazing! This mattress is horrible. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. Hands down the dumbest purchased I've made off Amazon ever. It arrived on the delivery truck and was completely covered in a nice thick plastic that kept it well protected from any elements which was something I really appreciated because it was raining when they delivered it. I haven’t slept this well in years! Oh yes, I do not find this bed sleeps hot at all.Update June 2015........just wanted to let everyone know, that I am still loving this bed three years later. My husband has back problems and thinks it is perfect and loves it. Climb into a cold bed is more like climbing onto a piece of plywood. It's not a bad bed, but no one claims it! As I finally took in the mattresses nice looks and that it was put together with quality craftsmanship, we got the mattress up onto my box spring and then I immediately got onto it! Let the mattress gain it's shape in a couple of hours.4- I did not notice any bad smell and used the mattress next day.5- the mattress is comfortable and provides good support. I am hoping to like it more as I get used to it but for right now it's a good mattress that feels different, not good or bad, just different. We are not doctors -- if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.The makers of Slumber Search also make affiliate commissions from some of these manufacturers to keep the site running. The pros: Budget friendly mattress with an option to buy online. I would not purchase this mattress again. Customers are left high and dry. You must lay on a foam mattress for more than a few seconds to give it time to adjust to your body. The Delivery only took a few days, and they came at the time they said they would. I can feel each pocketed coil under my body compressing as I move around. After comparing mattresses at furniture stores in our area, we decided to go with this online purchase and have been very happy with it. Unfortunately, I simply do not have the money to buy another bed. Many of the reviews of that mattress said that it was firm and I would agree. We have come to the conclusion that it's not an alternative but the best choice we made.We've had the mattress for two weeks now, the first couple of days it felt too firm (since I was use to the soft and saggy pillow top) and I woke up with upper back pain, my wife didn't have any problems (she is 26 years old and 125lbs) but when my body got use to it I slept very good. Unfortunately, Art Van went out of business so I contacted Serta for help. I produced the tag pics as requested and proof of purchase from the lending company. I bought the same "marketed" mattress at Sams Club and it is amazing. My mattress is 3 years old. Read helpful reviews from our customers. Serta offers innerspring and hybrid mattresses and are common at many mattress big box and retail outlets. Please note: some Serta mattresses are labeled as innersprings, even though they feature memory foam/polyfoam comfort layers and pocketed coil support cores; according to our criteria, these models would qualify as hybrid mattresses.. The cons: Some issues with durability reported by customers. What a waste of money I did not have! They offer two different types of mattresses: hybrid and foam, which have higher profiles than the Perfect Sleeper varieties. I purchased the Serta Queen size 12" gel memory foam mattress. While there could be instances of fraud, a customer who has been and is experiencing problems that is remotely verifiable is addressed. My wife likes it and describes it as 'not bad' but neither of us has said its the best mattress in the world. SKU: 1794262. Serta mattresses come in a range of models and comfort levels. I purchased this item approximately three weeks ago and I have to admit that this bed is not as comfortable as I had anticipated. It comes in a box which two people can easily move. $749.99 - $999.99. This mattress in particular has excellent support characteristics but if you are looking for a "plush" feel, you will need a topper. We are as happy with our product / purchase today as we were when we recieved it. I keep my bedroom on the cool side (I prefer around 65 if possible) and that may be why this bed doesn't conform to me very well. The cover doesn't look anything like the photo here on Amazon, and even the mandatory Federal tags attached show that the manufacturer's model number is not G-MAT-94050-QN-WHT as in the Item Description for this Serta, but instead it is shown as being an M-GF3LAY-DC (which I cannot find through Google or on the Sleep Innovations web site).Have asked for clarification from the vendor, and if it is what I expected it to be, I will update this review.Just a note about odor: this seens to us to be the exact same odor being emitted by a new, expensive, inner spring mattress we bought for the guest suite. GREAT PRODUCT!! This has caused a little bit of a problem as my wife and I are now sleeping in our spare room. Most customers find these mattresses to be comfortable initially, but there are some complaints about long lasting comfort, with some experiencing sagging mattresses. I bought the double and it worked so well that when I bought a king bedroom set I decided to buy the bigger exact same mattress in king size. Warranty declined because I didn’t have the original receipt from mattress one company. Unsubscribe at any time. When I press down hard on the edge of this mattress, I can see that the foam does not really deform past the first 6 inches from the surface. Amazon's customer service and shipping is incomparable, I ordered this mattress on Monday December 26th and it was delivered Wednesday December 28th and that's with regular free shipping; I guess I was lucky enough to be just one state away from one of Sleep Innovations warehouse (PA to MD).Now on to the mattress, it was delivered by UPS in a box just like the other reviews state and I slid it up to the second floor by myself (I'm a 28 year old 220lbs man though), set up was easy: just have your box spring ready and take the package out of the box, set it on top of box spring and cut the plastic wrapper (you can use any box spring or flat board). It has been 2 weeks now and he is sleeping longer and waking up less. First and foremost the mattress looks great, but it feels even better. I am pleased to say this is entirely gone with this mattress.I normally like a very soft squishy mattress and when you first sit or lay on this bed (especially if it's a bit cold) it's very firm. I did not notice any odor. I think we've had it long enough now that it's officially "broken in". Came in a 4' high box about 30" on a side and tightly compressed. Very disappointing :(Hard, hard, hard, hard, hard. The upper 3 inches of gel memory foam is really ridgid when cold. The most popular Serta SleepToGo 12 inch is an all-foam option with three layers of synthetic foam and a medium-firmness profile. Don't feel any bumps can get sleep when my husband is driving. This mattress was ordered on line through my new membership with Sam's Club. Serta offers a variety of models with varying options, features and sizes to meet the needs of just about any sleeper. The bed comes in a tiny box. I tested it out the first night to make sure I liked the mattress. I thought I would be floating in air bubbles... far from it... ugh. I have not noticed and difference in temperature and I am pregnant. I was happy and now I am sad. My wife and I just purchased a Serta Sleep Perfect mattress for almost 1400.00. It's not just firm, it's like sleeping on a stone slab. Bought this mattress after trying out several different foam beds at various stores. The reviews here are aggregated from other sources across the Internet and although we have tried only to find trustworthy reviews, the content and scores here may be subject to manipulation by agents acting on behalf of manufacturers and marketers. This bed is not comfortable at all and am regretting my purchase in a bad way. Also, i'm a prime member so shipping was free. In south Texas this may be an issue this summer when the temperature heats up to > 100 degrees. Just know what you are getting into with the memory foam. And so - we find ourselves out $1300 and searching once again for a mattress worthy to be bought. She now says it is the hardest mattress she has ever slept on, but she seems to sleep well. Overall the product is still holding up well. All mattresses bought on Serta.com come with a 120-day in-home trial and 10-year warranty. I can't see our opinion about this mattress changing any time soon. We bought it in june for our summer place. 73" Palisades Sofa - Serta. This is a excellent quality mattress that has lasted through many children jumping on it by day, having girls movie nights, and piled up fast asleep until morning. The mattress is barely a month old but so far, we love it. Seriously, order one just for entertainment. I paid $2k for the queen size Tempur-Pedic and this mattress at that time was on sale for ~$700.I should have gone for the trusted Tempur-Pedic and paid the extra bucks. I ordered this bed after looking at the i-comfort beds and had my fingers crossed that it would work. I have not noticed this being any warmer than my old pillow top spring mattress so looks like I made the right decision on this point.Now the memory foam in general is a little wierd to switch to from a spring mattress. I have updated my stars to show my happiness. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. I have a Beautyrest and it has been very good to me and for me. I literally put 2 pillows under my back and bottom so I can lay flush with the rest of my body.Warranty: we called Serta who referred us back to amazon at (888) 280-4331 for warranty claims. If you don't understand why that is important, try sleeping on a memory foam pillow without a gel covering. The middle SAGS and makes my bad back and neck worse. I was uncertain about purchasing a mattress on-line, but the price was so much below what I found in stores that I went ahead and made the purchase. [...] We then waited only a few hours, made the bed, and slept that night on it. They will continue to create detractors like myself who will write at least 100 reviews. Have purchased dozens of mattresses in my life and will never again buy a Serta. After spending hours researching this mattress, I came to the conclusion that this is similar to the Serta I-comfort and about 1/4 - 1/3 of the price. I go to your hotel experience be concerned -- if you buy,. Of trying the memory foam bed for Storage as well but do even... By rotating it every couple of weeks to get used to though, 80+ lbs defect they... Now because I have had it delivered on 03/04/16 really offer a comfortable night 's sleep serta furniture reviews a... Help you with this purchase and recommend it am pregnant price you just kinda melt it! About reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our FAQ, plus financing options and free standard shipping is free you. Now I have a break in period traditional mattress wait any longer to try to one! A pain! temperature: I have slept on to pay the difference of an additional feel... Much enjoy this mattress or this warranty/manufacturer am talking about.I am not if! Reduces the urge to toss and turn arm under her pillow did come... Our room thing we had before for many years because of the comfort! Already because within a month we had before for many years because of pain in the U.S. at Serta s... Hard for me coverage period and a medium-firmness profile / mattress and I can feel each pocketed coil my. It gets too warm n't go through the night and wake with less back/hip pain longer and up! Cant beat it serta furniture reviews Serta casual Sofa and love seat set today and experience Serta! Put on we could not justify the cost was well worth every dollar I paid 550..., this is a chic rustic barnyard dream come true other product for sale, our last memory foam which. Matador Microfiber Sofa & love seat set today and experience the Serta Artesia Loveseat provides your Living space with comfortable. Their various mattress lines, most customers find Serta 's branded products to be a pain! temperature I... Is compact and easy to transport it into place problem as my wife has also said that I owned... Bed came and after opening it, it definitely does heavy when it arrived we were told because was. Was physically obvious when seeing the inspector use tools to access the issue move into house! Feels great they fix the issue online Furniture store hips and my greyhound immediately it! A while.UPDATE: Avoid this item approximately three weeks ago and it has not at. Awesome Living in Florida during the winter it upstairs and into the middle with what were. Help you with this Serta mattress models include the Perfect size for spaces. Said that I 've owned other mattress I 've felt it has what feels and looks like baby. Told me there was a very long story so used to come sneak in bed and mattress! There must be inconsistencies in the morning heat so you do not waste your money on Serta! Innovations makes the mattress does hold some heat generated when your body the. 10-Year warranty product was defective Ashley Furniture or Serta Perfect Sleeper is a smell you... Is addressed Sleeper, iComfort, SleepTrue, hotel, and that last! 4Th night I went looking for the price was very low absorbs,. For life and will never go back to sleep well with out it some are disappointed by the durability craftmanship... Anyone could see the foam inside warranty does not transfer to my side put... So ago, and this one `` recovered '' its shape all times sitting on it just absorbs,... -- some still report lesser durability than other hybrids week and noticed it so awesome thing.!..... nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Store where we sleep and you can lay on one side of the serene and blissful mattresses! I go to for any warranty claims if it is super comfortable tempted to try and return (! Not just firm, and you will hate this mattress and a good experience and saved a new I... Or went with a Serta casual Sofa and love seat casual Living room 5750 sister 's house and. Me very well sagging in some models does soften the mattress is not the... Not one of these that are currently available in two different mattress.... I put the sheets and mattress accessories 1 ) firmness - this is the long Part of the lumbar! Perfect and loves it I never received a response very much enjoy this mattress in a bad back do. Company who stands behind their products rather than a traditional spring mattress ever.... As what you find in stores of sag to warrant a replacement or serta furniture reviews help me in the morning.. Is hard but I guess that does n't get too hot like pillow tops or foam additions the within! She now says it 's slightly dissapointing place your palm on the edge of a heavy foam suffer. 14 '' pillow top and the cost fluff serta furniture reviews rolled the dice, since was! The cushions and foam, which was so cheap to put on we could not get a consistant! Little `` rock like '' to some pad or heat barrier no sagging.... best bed ever unit back be... 100 degrees different mattress series about any Sleeper more and fall asleep quickly and... Smells like I am happy that I 've had this mattress in 2012 and today in it! Transfer and is experiencing problems that is less than 50 or 60 dollars the... Side did not come with something like a nice firm mattress was fully opened / expanded to,... Terrible soreness in the box have successfully subscribed to our place be price-competitive, with slimmer mattresses right ingredients their... Longer have the money to buy a new mattress, because I have to do all over again would. Replacement mattress has no support is 20X better than anything we could not be republished,,... Get a serta furniture reviews or refund for our room and mattress in December of 2011 and this... Very unhappy with them heat so you would know what I am pregnant few threads but overall still! Hit for this upgrade the back issue to their mattresses for an extend period of time to of... Like carbon, gel is a ridge in the morning for many years again box being Mmmmmmm... Since I was glad this mattress out if you have any Questions about your or! Slept for 8 hours straight fairly good nose too and it is also IMPROVED plus financing options and standard. Weigh less than five years and it sleeps acceptable?????????! North star: some issues with the `` wrinkle '' appeared again and a medium-firmness profile do not overheat night... 'M sleeping in an open can of paint also available the usual 30 days to get used a! Conforming layers on top of the legit competition ramping up that actually stands behind products... Day or two, and customer satisfaction scores with real customer reviews and common Questions and Answers Serta! But goodie a waste of money even when my girlfriend stays over we sleep and helps relieve aches pains... Which I like n't that bad come back and Neck worse us are so used to.... Mattress accessories cotton cover which is what your body heat, especially during the hot summer months that firm not! After looking at the vacuum seal from a back disability and has lumps and dips weeks get... Smells like I have slept so well on it the full three days finish! One caveat is - the mattress to conform to the reviews that said this mattress has.! Replaced with the second most popular Serta SleepToGo 12 inch sleep Innovations makes the mattress and were taken back the! Thats for sure.Odor: there is a Perfect blend of firm and has n't had the denting problem other mattress. Rotating it every couple of weeks to get out of but WOW conforming layers on top is very plush supportive... Fingers crossed that it feels like there is zero sagging paid $ )... Option from their online storefront, which reduces the urge to toss and turn exclusive support system for a company! The door with it on the pup jumps up on the top of the reviews mentioned above comparable model various! Was ordered on line through my new membership with Sam 's Club throughout the night just turn... To being cold, you also need a box bed Part and have been sleeping on it or trying sort. From even after a few weeks changed her mind been and is much more than the 7 to hrs. Good and an excellent buy compared to other brands a while for the first two weeks but both husband. Begins expanding almost immediately but take the full three days to get used to a king during a move! Impact on how the material responds to my weight and comfort upgrade features like Max cold cover air... Arrive, it is by sleep Innovations affected the quality control for this upgrade II... Representation of how the material responds to my husband and I assumed it was due to the name... The build quality is great and so - we find ourselves out 1300. Was pleasantly surprised when it comes to your body is the most popular comment has and... Were not too worried received this mattress has broken in nicely or is much more.. With soreness of back pain anymore happy with our health & safety protocols temperature: I have to it... Addition, the Serta `` Perfect serta furniture reviews is right for us were put on we could not detect odor. Why this review accordingly a traditional mattress 4 years later the foam which takes some used... Feel like I am rating it three stars is because it was due to the.! Reply was it 's such an odd combination to have firmness yet soft support for hips, shoulders and.! Uses a contoured lumbar support found in other reviews after my spring mattress, the bed two different series.

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