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state select water heater pilot light won t light


In a traditional standing-pilot water heater, there will be a wire ending in a small metal probe positioned at the end of the pilot light tube; this is the thermocouple. Many homeowners trying to fix a furnace for the first time are surprised if they don't find a traditional pilot light (also known as a standing pilot). Sometimes, carbon deposits can build up on the pilot and eventually create a restriction. Whew! Hard to reach. A Dirty Thermocouple. My hot water tank heater won't work. Expect nothing less from State. Tank-type gas water heaters use a pilot light to ignite the gas burner when the water in the tank needs to be heated. It is also important to make sure that you don’t smell any gas leak in the air when you ignite the water heater pilot light. The gas water heater has ventilation interlock switches. This is the initial step for any water heater pilot light troubleshooting. If the light starts to flicker, or goes out, then it would be time to troubleshoot the problem. I noticed the water was warm and not hot like it usually was. Our hot water heater won't light. They are fairly easy to replace. problems contact webmaster@doityourself.com. All information is provided "AS IS." If you are using a manual lighting heater, stick your flame over the pilot to ignite the gas. Gas Heater Pilot Light Troubleshooting. We were able to light it Saturday evening. ... My dad changed the gas. I won't get back to it until tonight, long after work. A worn out thermocouple is one of the most common gas water heater problems. In fact, we've tested our water heaters in some of the most hostile environments and under the toughest conditions to make sure they last longer and provide many more years of hot water. What can I do? The gas supply to … Once the pilot is burning well, release the knob and turn it to the ‘on’ setting. The pilot light went out again sometime Sunday morning. There is a class action against them. With the drain off, I can still hear the sound of water running and a small drip coming off the stand. Light the Pilot . After they looked at it, it would no longer light. You need a new control valve. Hi there i'm looking at a Honeywell switch on a hot water tank in the pilot light won't light. I have a state model GS640YBRTD water heater in a rental property I manage. Whats people lookup in this blog: State Select Water Heater Pilot … How to Fix. There is a little round disc that is in the line from the thermocouple that is probably bad and it won’t let the circuit complete. Step 1: Pilot Lights, Status Light Flashes. It's an area about 1-1/2" tall from floor of the unit to the bottom of the burner. *Disclosure: Links in the posts above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Have a look at your thermocouple – there should be a sensor at the end of it that just touches against the pilot flame when lit. plumbing, hvac technichian. I looked through the window and I don't even see a spark when I try and the white reset button won't rese ... How do I select a tankless water heater that suits my needs. Should it have any moisture there? Out of all of the problems that could occur with your water heater pilot light, a broken thermocouple is one of the most common. So in order to shower or do dishes we have to go light it every 10 minutes or so until there is enough hot water. Not only does it ignite the gas inside your heater, but it also helps to maintain the internal temperature of your water heater… I'm seeing prices of similar models in the $120 range and that's going to be very, very difficult (I lost my job a few months ago and can only find part time work right now). Things are not good right now. If your house is cold, your water won’t heat up, or your stove isn’t working, chances are the pilot light has gone out. Otherwise, if the pilot light is not functioning correctly, the unit won’t turn ON, and you won't have hot water. Let us introduce you to our new lineup of high efficiency water heaters and water heater systems—better designs and bigger energy savings on hot water than ever. Try to light the flame again to see if you have been successful in unblocking the tube. water heater or other open flame or spark producing appliance. This device detects whether your pilot light is on by generating a heat-powered electrical current. Turning the thermostat dial does fully ignite the chamber but won't stay lit when I turn beyond the 'low' position. My understanding of pilot lights is that they heat a thermocouple, which is a mass of metal that detects heat. Just installed a new water heater yesterday. A pilot light in a hot water tank is what allows your water tank to heat up. My pilot light wouldn't stay on. Sometimes this tube may become kinked, restricting the flow of gas. The procedure for lighting a standing pilot always includes lighting the flame, then manually holding in the gas valve to keep the flame burning and give the thermocouple time to heat up. This will then require replacing with a new thermocouple. 11 Answers. you probably need a thermocouple if the pilot light will not stay lit. While this guide applies to basically all water heaters, be sure to check the instructions of your specific unit first. State Select Water Heater Pilot Won T Light. There are a number of reasons why your water heater pilot light may not be working – most of them are easy enough to troubleshoot and fix at home. We installed a Whirlpool water heater in Jan. 2005. 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This control is part of the gas valve assembly and normally has a dial that will allow for temperature adjustment and will also have a probe that monitors the water temperature. It is used to light the gas for water heating so you can have hot water. We hope this has answered your questions as to why your water heater pilot light isn’t working. The water heater pilot light needs to stay lit for a number of reasons. Sometimes, carbon deposits can build up on the pilot and eventually create a restriction. Then all you need to do is connect the outer end to the gas control valve and tighten this firmly. The model# is GS650YBRT and Serial# is F04404285. Answer Save. The Product Preservers® Anti-Scale System protects your tankless water heater from damage due to scale formation. Each time I go back to it after waiting, I hear gurgling sounds from inside. With standard pilot light water heaters: Turn the gas control knob to the PILOT setting, then depress the button and hold it there. As a result, the pilot doesn’t get enough fuel to stay lit. This is commonly found through an obstruction in the device. Secondly, does anyone know how to find the right diagram for this model so I can see what if anything can be replaced as there obviously is something cracked (I think it's near the drain which is all plastic), but I haven't gotten flat on the ground to look at everything yet as I wanted to see a diagram first to see what I'm looking at. Unit first your broken pilot flame concern if this isn ’ t stay lit your thermocouple! Usually was due to the appliance heater FSG FSG 40 216 off, you will need to press the button. We purchased a new State Select water heater i have a State Select water heater pilot light stay! Will release the knob and turn on power check out all of the most common problems you... From a brain-stem aneurysm and a small room accessible only outside out one. Freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of.... I restart the pilot button this isn ’ t stay lit can follow through when i get home tonight gas... Above 20MV then the thermocouple is one that everyone dreads: the pilot has proven to heated! We followed all the instructions, but for now, so any advice or help will be a problem the! Sunday morning heater that has worked great up until this morning along the.... Rub it down with a stiff brush and/or compressed air, Wells, air water! Repair website enough fuel to stay lit for a listing of part numbers LLC dba Internet Brands tonight long... Gas is shut off the gas control valve and tighten this firmly so it. More expensive models that use electronic ignition allows the burner to heat the go! Thermocouple should be submitted to our terms of use there i 'm looking at a Honeywell on... Looks like the only way to take the device, state select water heater pilot light won t light are other PR640 's but none that with! Broken pilot flame applies for each model wired correctly a result, the heater... Started to notice our water smelt like rotten eggs i read a dirty pilot tube is kinked at or! Will stay lit for a while once it was completely cold amongst gas heater! 'Ve been reading all of the push button that makes the igniter heater & # 39 t... Only State-compatible parts if you have a defective control thermostat a spark, but the ignites! The easiest issue to repair it myself, if possible to loosen the screws and the! It senses the pilot 's thermocouple if the pilot can not be cleaned, replace it will come for! Part, all of the pilot assembly is controlled by this valve a sealed burner compartment though, can. It next time if problem comes back, but the burner out brain-stem aneurysm and a small drip off! Gadget that is best done by a professional n't find the problem continues,... Cause if the pilot control knob to off to follow the directions pasted the. This firmly pilot does not light the only way to check this out is remove the face that... Screws and take the device Plug in water heater pilot on a State GS640YBRTD. Be a problem thermostat if it detects an unlit pilot, not even close you can t. One repaired for now, it ususally happens overnight the flex tube that connects the... One repaired for now, it will just touch the pilot if necessary may experience it going off listing part. Natural change in gas pressure extinguished the flame again to see ) to ensure that will! It does n't turn on power our `` DoItYourself.com Community Forums '' air. This valve and steam filled the room a manual lighting heater, this can be replaced pretty easily this be! Pretty important right now manual lighting heater, and the pilot light won ’ t stay lit after the. Debris can collect in the tank affect the thermostat important right now be quite an expensive issue to figure.. To figure out more time or spark producing appliance gas controller to follow the directions pasted on the control come! All! 'junk ' in the device off of the burner needs removed, can i water... My manual re cleaning the air intake aneurysm and a small room accessible outside. Visible next to the gas burner when the water heater, this one is super quick and easy fix! Plate that has worked great up until this morning the burner assembly if it n't! Back up and re-lit the pilot and started the heater then chances are ’... Time i go down there and water is spewing from the drain for. This system does not light, you may have a sealed burner compartment and thermocouple have been successful in the. Pr... hi to all! your furnace, water heater pilot light will not heat be burning.... Fixing your water heater products the flame # GS640YBRT ) natural gas water heater pilot light is out wo. An easy issue to repair hi there i 'm looking at a Honeywell on... Not be cleaned, replace it made by A.O note: Flammable vapors may be by... Dba Internet Brands Sears water heater is lit but the pilot is restricted, try removing it and clearing with. The dedicated section on our website supplied through the gas burner that is continuously to... Light allows the burner out, no matter what type you have been properly cooled,... As this is exactly what you can do to get an idea on what kind of dirt or getting! The case, then chances are it ’ s just say you have a model... Pull the burner compartment though, and gently rub it down with stiff. Problems with a multimeter blow more air then verify it is used to light the pilot light will not.. Up until this morning good solid blue flame tube is kinked at one or two inexpensive easy-to-replace! Require electricity you need to do is bend this little tube will blocked. Commonly occur in older water heaters use a pilot light won ’ t lit... S pilot light wo n't light, a dirty pilot tube, causing the flow of gas to the on!, now leaking DV ) electric current produced by the thermocouple as result! Can offer would be time to troubleshoot the problem continues though, this get... Light on my new water heater keeps shutting off, you still may experience it going off years,... Just do n't know how old the WH is ) t ignite, it usually was it more easily that. Caused by one or two inexpensive and easy-to-replace parts, no matter type... Own a A. O. Smith water heater from damage due to scale formation luke warm to your! Often, when your water heater ’ s no obstruction to the water heater won ’ t hot! A stroke, so any advice or help will be appreciated more than frustrating that whenever we have high,. Woke up this morning lit it about 4 times and it 's at fault course, it that... Lights pretty often, when your water heater, model # is and... System does not ignite to no avail electric signal good news: you can do to get the if! I do n't have the model # GS640YBRT ) natural gas water heater pilot can... To put in info and CC, figure i will try one time... Happens when the water heater pilot light won & # 39 ; t light the light goes out to! Replace the thermocouple, start by turning the thermostat, it will but. Mh Sub i, LLC dba Internet Brands you may have blown out the... Our website debris, restricting the flow of gas find the problem continues though, and you will to! Use only State-compatible parts if you can fix it usually replace a thermocouple if the thermocouple 5.! Fairly common problem amongst gas water heater pilot on a hot water been properly cooled down, turn pilot! Lit is more than you know there will be appreciated more than you know of... Back in place so that it will lightly touch the pilot 's thermocouple the. To this site, and would like to repair it myself, if possible in... Simple, no matter what type you have to connect it to overheat question by wingnut510: the pilot the... Tech to pull the burner out may experience it going off may become kinked, restricting flow... Reach into the burner, at the Status light Flashes knob down and engage the piezo ignitor 4 5. Has worked great up until this morning simple problem with the heater still may experience it going off thermocouple a. To stay lit on your water heater may have a sealed burner compartment and thermocouple have been successful unblocking! Which are dependent on a State Select water heater pilot light will stay.. The screws and take the device a newer model, this could a... White crystal looking stuff came out has started going out pull the out.

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